Saturday, December 18, 2010

Need to find time for girl friends- and to take a drink!

Ok- so for a rare moment- I'm going to go all girly here. In the Sex and the City 2 movie (which overall was kind of terrible, too commercial and waayyy too unrealistic and over the top as the show often was . . . (and yet I still own the complete set of DVDs and both movies))- there's a scene where Miranda and Charlotte are alone in the bar in their silly huge penthouse suite and Charlotte is afraid to admit that being a mom is hard. I have to admit that they nailed their target audience on this one so now I'll always have an affinity for this darned movie. Essentially it boiled down to Miranda and Charlotte sharing some of the awful things that have happened plus the thoughts that they've been afraid to share out loud. I cried with them and I laughed too- and I totally related. Sometimes a girl just needs a friend there to tell her to take a big sip of her drink to find the courage to talk about the hard things. I miss my girlfriends.

I want to embrace my friends for their honesty about the challenges in their lives with parenting and struggling to find balance. Sometimes I feel like we're on our own little Johnstone island and I'm afraid of talking about some of the harder things as it's almost admitting failure as a woman and as a mom. And if you do ever have time to see a friend in person (cause Lord knows you can't hold a conversation over the phone unless it's after 9pm or before 6am), and at this face-to-face meeting you try to hold an adult conversation where one of your kids isn't interrupting every few minutes or requiring intervention- you hope that you can talk about some of these harder things in a light way- with a little bit of laughing but without sounding desperate or hysterical. Sometimes you want the freedom to vent without having someone feel compelled to offer solutions. You hope that they can share an equally challenging experience so you know you're not alone . . . so I hope that sometimes I can be there for my friends- to tell them to take a big swig of their cosmo and speak the things that should not be said out loud.

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